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What you can do in the STUDIO

Augment images

Bring posters, magazines, banners, or any other sort of 2D surface to life. First, upload the 2D image you wish to augment to your STUDIO. Then, build your AR content in any shape, and position it on top of your image.

Augment images

Augment 3D objects

Imagine scanning everyday 3D objects and transforming them into immersive AR experiences. Try scanning soda cans, wine bottles, cosmetic product packages, or even large sculptures in the park. By placing augmentations on objects like cylinders and boxes, you can create limitless AR experiences.

Augment images

The perfect environment
for your individual AR ad campaigns

Seamless Journey
from Start to Finish

SQUARS STUDIO is intuitive and user-friendly, for all your WebAR needs. Upload your own 2D & 3D files or use our pre-made assets.

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Connect the Augmentation
to Any Image and 3D object.

Posters, magazines, packaging: augment them with a story for your customers. Immersive brand engagement will help your business increase dwell-time and drive conversions.

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Features you'll loveDiamond shape doodle

To provide you with an optimal working environment, we offer the following:Smail doodle

  • Flexible object property options(e.g. radius, color scheme, material, etc.)

  • Ability to add interactive links with no coding

  • Possibility to add 3D objects and animations to your project

  • Invite and mention your teammates and give real-time feedback

  • Ability to create and experience multiple scenes

  • Dark user interface

Collaboration like you’ve never experienced before

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    Adding members to your individual projects from other Workplaces and sharing the progress with clients have never been easier! It’s particularly useful for marketing teams collaborating on the same AR projects.

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    Mention and Comment

    You can now leave comments inside the editing mode of your SQUARS projects, enabling efficient real-time communication. Say goodbye to endless DMs and Emails for feedback.

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    Switch Scenes

    Maximize project efficiency with our multi-scenes. Create unique spaces for the same target and make content augmentation seamlessly. Try now for ultimate project control and flexibility.

Once you have completed your project

  • Preview your content

    Preview your content

    To save you AR views, we’ve integrated a convenient preview function in our editor for you to make sure the AR experience looks exactly how you envisioned it.

  • Preview your content

    Publish your project

    After publishing your project, we’ll generate the specific URL needed to start the experience on any mobile phone’s browser. For better convenience, we also provide a QR code that will forward you to this specific URL.

  • Preview your content

    Share your experience

    Once you have access to the URL, you can share your AR experience with as many people as you like.

  • Preview your content

    Analyze and enhance your campaigns

    Analyze the performance of your project in real-time with statistics and data, tracking page views and user engagement to see how users experience your campaign.

We've got you covered with STUDIO!

Discover how to get started and make the most out of your STUDIO with answers to commonly asked questions from others.

SQUARS Studio background blur imageSQUARS Studio background blur image

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